The Earth Expo at the J

“The Earth is our Home”    

Earth Expo NM through its sponsors the Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque invites you to enter a poetry and art contest to raise awareness of New Mexican and global responses to the environmental challenges that we face, such as climate change and loss of biodiversity.  

To enter the contest, compose a poem or create art around the theme “The Earth is our Home.”   

In the words ecology and ecosystem, the “eco” comes from the Greek word oikoswhich means home.  

What does “The Earth is our Home” mean to you?   

Express your thoughts, knowledge, concerns, feelings, or answers in either an original poem or a piece of original artwork.

There are no limits to the style of poetry submitted.   

All artwork must be either drawn or painted.  Any flat surface medium is acceptable (e.g. paper, posterboard, canvas, wood).  Art may use pencil, ink, crayon, paint, mixed media, collage, etc.).  The maximum size of an art piece is 24 inches by 36 inches.  

There are four age groups that may enter:  Primary School (K-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), and Adult.  Only one entry per person or group is allowed.  

Prizes in each age group and category:
1st prize $500
2nd prize $250
3rd prize $100
Certificates of Honorable Mention will be awarded to runners-up.  

Submissions may be from individuals, small groups, or teachers/classes.  Monetary prizes for group work will be split equally among all the members of a winning group of artists or poets.  

Work must be submitted by April 12, 2023.  Poems and artwork should be submitted in pdf format through the entry links at or delivered to the JCC of Greater Albuquerque - 5520 Wyoming Blvd, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, Attn: Sam Wyman.  

If submitted online, artwork should be submitted as photographs.  

The Earth Expo Committee will judge submissions based on originality, technique/intent and style, and relevance to the theme. All decisions are final.  

Earth Expo New Mexico marks the beginning of Earth Week and is open to the public. The Expo will take place on April 16, 2023 at the JCC in Albuquerque, 5520 Wyoming Blvd NE from 3 pm to 4 pm. The contest winners will be announced publicly at the event. Winning artwork will be displayed at the event and winning poets will be invited to recite their own work or have their work read by a professional poet or actor.  

[copyright statement – By entering the contest, you are giving contest sponsors permission to copy, distribute, display, and use the artwork and poetry in specified ways for specified purposes to help advance Environment Expo NM’s mission to promote environmental awareness and action.]  

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